Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Conky - The Ultimate System Monitor

Conky is my new favorite thing about linux. I used to be all about the flash compiz desktop effects but that wore off. I still turn it on to impress people about linux, hopefully converting a few. Conky, allows me to know a plethora of information just on my desktop, without the bells and whistles. An added bonus is that you can display outputs from scripts. The screen shot above shows weather and also if I have new gmail. I am currently working on a script that will tell me about my friends' twitter updates
sudo apt-get install conky


  1. nice setup. i especially like the wallpaper.

  2. Could you post your conkyrc file please? I quite like your setup :)

    Also, how's that twitter plugin coming along?

  3. Did you set up that script yet for twitter integration?

  4. just came upon your blog. would LOVE to hear about any working twitter/conky integration

  5. Hi, liked the idea of a twitter script for conky and couldn't find anything (which is how I stumbled across this page). I've written myself a couple of different scripts this evening - one that pulls my friend's updates from my twitter home page and one that returns matches from a twitter search (useful for pulling all replies to @davmac for example). If you want a copy just tweet @davmac.