Monday, March 2, 2009

How to Burn Compressed Video Files to DVD in Ubuntu

With some help from Realtimeedit and MEncoder, I developed a script file to convert common compressed video files into an .iso file which can be burned onto a DVD for set top playback on your TV.

Before you run the script, you'll need to install the following packages:

MEncoder: sudo apt-get install mencoder
DVD Author: sudo apt-get install dvdauthor

Download the script file here.

When you run the script it will prompt you for the directory, name, and extension of the video file. It will then prompt you for the aspect ratio of video file and run MEncoder to decompress the file to an mpeg format. It will then run DVD Author to write to DVD format and create an .iso file.

Use any DVD burning software to burn the .iso image to a DVD.

Hope this works for you, any comments are always appreciated.

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