Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Boycotting the Progressive Insurance Commercial Girl...

...and so should you. Flo is bothering me just like Joe Buck did in 2004. We all know what happened there. (To refresh your memory)

Just so I know what I'm working against, I did a little detective work. Her name is Stephanie Courtney and here is a list of films and works I will not be watching until Progressive takes my demands suriously and ends these commercials.

Join my Cause.

-migs out

btw, I will be entertaining myself at the Nova/Seton Hall game tomorrow night at the ROCK and then watching the premier of Scrubs on ABC.


  1. Oh. My. God. Finally someone puts it out there. I hate FLO! She is ugly and annoying. When I turn on the TV I don't want to see some ugly annoying chick peddling car insurance.

    I am on board with a boycott.

  2. I totally agree. Everytime I see one these comercials I shout, "There is a sniper on the roof!!" Then I laugh as she is gunned down in my imagination.